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We're the only stone fabricator in Rock Hill, SC

Our owner, Chuck Fallow, has been in the granite business for more than 15 years. While he has plenty of experience as a general contractor, his pride now lies in being Rock Hill's only local fabricator.

Southern Rock Countertops offers quick turnaround times, and distinguishes itself by performing superior custom work. We pay attention to every detail, so that your marble and granite work looks the best it can. Our team of four cares about the reputation of our company and the products we produce. Call 704-604-4492 today to work with a locally owned American stone supplier.

What does a granite fabricator do?

What does a granite fabricator do?

When you're hiring someone to install granite, you want that person to know the business well. They should be able to inform you about the various kinds of natural stone and granite, as well as their care. A granite fabricator will:

  • Measure the dimensions for what you need
  • Examine the stone or granite for color, shading, veins and overall quality
  • Look for any flaws, blemishes and fissures
  • Ensure the best appearance for the stone being cut
  • Cut the stone to its needed thickness and size
  • Shape the stone as necessary
  • Polish and seal the stone so it's ready to be installed
You'll know that your granite or marble piece is in good hands, from the time it's cut by the stone supplier until it's placed. Contact Southern Rock Countertops for custom granite work in the Rock Hill, SC area.